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pink bourbon       colombia

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what is pink bourbon?

pink bourbon is a naturally-occurring coffee variety which is a hybrid of yellow and red bourbon varieties. this unique coffee's cherries ripen to a coral or dusty pink color. the pink bourbon coffees of colombia are prized for their complexity, with a delicious balance of delicate florals, deep chocolate and bright acidity notes.

farm and production

Contributing Farmers: Daniel Ortega, Angel Ortega, Miguel Ortega, Jose Lopez

Region: Huila

Municipality: San Agustín

Altitude: 1,650 - 1,800m

Harvest Season: Nov - Jan, Aug - Sep

Fermentation:  24-30 hr Dry Fermentation

Process: Washed


Paid to farmer: 1.8mil Colombian pesos per carga (~$2.41 per lb)

Export: $1.90 per lb

FOB: $3.50 per lb

Import & logistics: $1.00 per lb

Price paid by dump truck to importer: $4.50/lb

Imported by Collaborative Coffee Source

about the origin

This blend lot of Pink Bourbon coffees comes from a community of small producers in San Agustín, located in Huila. These farmers are still working to cultivate these young plants, and Fairfield and CCS created this blend lot in order to jumpstart the reach and income of the farmers while their crops mature. We are excited to see each of the contributing farmers develop their own unique pink bourbon microlots in the next few harvest seasons, and we are anticipating an increase in quality and producer profit over time.

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